Alexandre Cruz,, is a self-taught artist and musician who began his artistic practice in the late 80s, involved in the subcultures of hardcore, independent publications (zines) and skateboarding. 

After being a vocalist in classic hardcore punk bands from the late 80's and early 90's as: OVEC (1989), Psychic Possessor (1990) and Safari Hamburgers (recording the album “Good Times” in 1993). 

In 1991, he started the band Garage Fuzz, which released several albums and toured Brazil for three decades, becoming one of the biggest references in the style until today. 

Always creating homemade Lo-fi projects as he formed with Carlos Dias in 1997, "Lofi Experiments", a sequence of bass, guitar and flute overdubs recorded on cassette tapes on a double-deck stereo. 

At the beginning of 2009, after a two-month trip to California, he returns and together with Sergio Lopes starts the homemade project "Vallejo Sunset" with several riffs created during the trip and recorded on a cell phone. 

Between 2014 and 2015, the first sketches of what would become The Pessimists take place. A minimalist punk project formed by Alexandre Cruz, Camila Leão and Nathalia Vicari, which released two cassette tapes and one 7-inch record, making a 46-day tour over the United States in 2016.

ACruz Sesper is a "Lofi Post Garage Punk Wave" project, with the ideal of merging music production with the concept of art. Each physical release receives an artistic care and practically in each copy an original art is included. In a partnership with Rolo Seco and Submarine Records, after several exclusive cassette tapes, releases of 130 hand-painted copies 7” vinyl, a 10" LP that included 500 original 10x10" artworks and a 12"LP that included two silk screened posters. 

Other projects include: Land Of Free, Flip top, Slick Ones, Instant Pot, The Good Loop, Angustia.


2020- Garage Fuzz – “Take Care of Your Friends”  (Digital EP) Not On Label

2019- Angüstia – “Desumanizar”  (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label

2019- ACruz Sesper “The Cell”  (12” Vinyl LP) Assustado Discos/Rolo Seco Discos/Submarine Records

2019- ACruz Sesper Trio – “The Days go by Like Broken Stairs”  (12” Vinyl LP) Assustado Discos/Rolo Seco Discos/Submarine Records

2019- Garage Fuzz – “Timeline Fearless”  (CDEP) Not On Label

2019- ACruz Sesper Trio / Bugio / Guilherme Granado – “Fita Crepe”  (Cassette Tape) Brava / Submarine Records

2019- Garage Fuzz – “Dive Into Yourself”   (Digital) Not On Label

2018- Angüstia “3 Songs”   (Digital EP) Not On Label

2018- Instant Pot – “Waiting”   (Digital EP) Not On Label

2018- ACruz Sesper Trio – “ACC230318”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint / Submarine Records

2017- ACruz Sesper – “No Song As a Trio”   (EP - Cassette Tape) Outprint/Submarine Records

2017- Garage Fuzz – “Celebrating 25 Years”   (CD / DVD) Hearts Bleed Blue Records

2017- Garage Fuzz – “Acoustic Session on a Hot Day”   (Digital) Not On Label

2016- ACruz Sesper – “Not Count For Spit”   (10” Vinyl LP + Cassette Tape) Rolo Seco Discos / Submarine Records

2016- ACruz Sesper – “Samuel”   (EP - Cassette Tape) Outprint

2016- The Pessimists – “Six Songs”   (7” Vinyl EP) Nada Nada Discos

2016- The Pessimists “U.S. Tour Tape”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint / Nada Nada Discos

2016- ACruz Sesper – “Wrong Medicine”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2016- In.tro.spec.tive – “Pressure Testing”  (Cassette Tape) Outprint/Submarine Records

2016- ACruz Sesper – “Live In San Francisco”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2016- Garage Fuzz “Comfortable Moments”.  (12” Vinyl  LP) Anda Anda Discos / Spicolli Discos

2016- ACruz Sesper – “No Box For Spit”   (4 Cassette Tape Box + Fanzine) Outprint

2016- Garage Fuzz / Againe -  “Split”   (7” Vinyl  EP) Anda Anda Discos / Spicolli Discos / Submarine Records

2015- Garage Fuzz – “Fast Relief”   (CD) Not On Label

2015- Garage Fuzz – “Relax in your Favorite Chair”   (12” Vinyl LP) Anda Anda Discos / Spicolli Discos

2015- The Pessimists – “In The Beginning There Was...”   (EP – Cassette Tape) Outprint

2015- Garage Fuzz – “Turn the Page...”   (12” Vinyl LP) Burning London Records

2015- ACruz Sesper – “It’s Bargain Time / Modern Affair”.  (7” Vinyl EP) Rolo Seco

2015- ACruz Sesper / Carlos Dias “Split Tape”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint / Rolo Seco

2014- Garage Fuzz – “Daylight”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2014- Slick Ones – “Slick Ones”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2014- Vallejo Sunset – “Clouds on Green Valley”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2014- Vallejo Sunset – “Dream”   (Cassette Tape) Outprint

2014- Vallejo Sunset “Vallejo Sunset”   (Digital EP) Not On Label

2012- Garage Fuzz – “Warm & Cold”  (CDEP) Not On Label

2012- The Good Loop Project – “Not For Sale”  (7” Vinyl EP) Not On Label

2009- Garage Fuzz – “Definitively Alive”   (CD + DVD) Ideal Records / Flame

2009- Vallejo Sunset – “Clouds on Green Valley”   (Digital) Not On label

2007- Safari Hamburgers “Good Times”   (CD REISSUE) Cogumelo Discos

2005- Garage Fuzz – “The Morning Walk”   (CD) Thirteen Records

2002- Garage Fuzz / Solea “Working on the Title”   (CDEP) Highlight Sounds

2002- In.tro.spec.tive – “Pressure Testing”   (Digital EP) Not On Label

2001- Garage Fuzz – “3500 Days Alive!”  (CD) Highlight Sounds

1999- Paura – “First Release Summer 1996”   (CD REISSUE) Conspiracy Chain

1999- Fliptop – “Shack Rock”   (Digital / Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1998- Garage Fuzz “Turn The Page”   (CD) Stand Records / Onefoot Records

1997- Garage Fuzz – “4 New Songs”   (DT – Cassette Tape) 358 Tapes

1997- Garage Fuzz – “Confortable Dimensions”   (CD) Spicy Records

1996- Lo-Fi Experiments – “Lo-Fi Nights”   (DT – Cassette tape) 358 Tapes

1995- Garage Fuzz “Relax in your Favorite Chair”   (CD) RoadRunner Records

1995- Paura “Paura”   (CD) Family Trust

1994- Land of free – “S/T”   (Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1993- Safari Hamburgers – “Good Times”   (12” Vinyl LP) Cogumelo Discos

1993- Garage Fuzz -  “Garbage Funny Things”   (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Labe

1992- Safari Hamburgers – “Build and Rearrange”.  (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1991- Garage Fuzz “Daylight”   (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1990- O.V.E.C. – “Ao vivo no Torto”   (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1990- Psychic Possessor – “Rehearsal”   (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label

1989- O.V.E.C. – “Idiotas do Governo”   (DT – Cassette Tape) Not On Label