Alexandre Cruz started his first curatorial projects in the late 1980s, when he edited a fanzine called “Crude Reality” with two other friends, between 1989 and 1990, receiving, sending and exchanging material through letters by mail, participating in the international movement of “ Tape Trading ”at the time.


This networking yielded physical material such as photographs, posters, interviews and concert posters, which were organized and made available in an expository manner at the time through the “First Exhibition of Posters and Flyers” held at the Municipal Theater of Santos in 1992, something unprecedented for the period . With presentation of Home Videos on VHS of underground labels that mixed music and art such as: SST Records, Dischord Records among others.


The exhibition took an entire floor of the Municipal Theater of Santos, which at the time opened the doors to important shows, plays and exhibitions. Organized in partnership with Rubenval Santos, architect and enthusiast of the local underground, creating together with Alexandre the collective “Therapia” that handled some cultural events during 1992 and 1993.


In 1998, he started the “Introduct Fanzine”, which approached a new scene of artists involved with urban art, underground music and skateboarding. Much of this selection published in the fanzine was part of the exhibitions organized in a new exhibition space called “Most”, in downtown São Paulo.


“Most” was a pioneer Urban Art Shop / Gallery, where the curatorship initiated by partners Alexandre Cruz and Felipe Yung, would change the profile of what was produced and presented in Brazil between the years 2002 to 2005. Exhibitions by new artists, With a monthly duration, at each new exhibition a limited edition of exclusive T-shirts was produced, in addition to videos for dissemination and print ads in specialized magazines, which was not very common for the segment at the time. Many of these artists also started to participate in exhibitions at Art Galleries inside and outside Brazil. Names like Silvana Mello, Flavio Samelo, Herbert Baglione, Walter Nomura, Nunca, among many others participated with seminal exhibitions.


In 2006, he started a research that gave rise to a documentary and an exhibition addressing “Skate Arte” produced in Brazil. An unprecedented theme so far and in line with some projects that started in the United States and have not yet been completed. The national approach had never been explored correctly. This is how the “RE: Board” project emerges, bringing out the most classic, iconic and historic produced in the country during the 80s and 90s, recounting the tragedy of crucial brands and artists who were the pillars of aesthetics during those years , but also updating the scene with new artists and new techniques that emerged after that period.


A 90-minute documentary, made entirely independently, combined with an exhibition that featured more than 30 artists and 200 decks and original art, exposed for more than two months in São Paulo in 2009 and the following year received its Los Angeles version.

After the start of the “RE: Board”, other projects are interested in the research carried out in relation to this historical fragment of the national “skate art”, and for the “Transfer” exhibition held in 2008 in Porto Alegre at Santander Cultural, a wall with works Billy Algiers original skateboards and decks are part of a large wall inside the exhibition.


In 2010 the exhibition “Transfer” is held in São Paulo at the Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, and once again Alexandre Cruz participates collaborating with the curatorship of the “Mauditos” annex, presenting numerous fanzines, cassette tapes, concert posters, and materials produced in the underground between 1988 and 1999, as well as a major retrospective of Billy Argel's work with countless album covers and original skateboard deck art produced in the 1980s.


During the years 2012 to 2018 he curated the tape label / publisher he founded, Outprint, editing several fanzines of artists such as Danielone, Nei Caetano, Guilherme Granado, Camila Leão among many others and also themes related to his universe , such as the “Noise E Flores”, “Concrete Block” and “The Good Old Days” fanzine and launching new groups in physical format through limited-edition cassette tapes like The Pessimists, Futuro, Lê Almeida, Hieropante Purpura, Vitíma, Ordinaria Hit, among others.


Celebrating the 30 years of material received during correspondence and material exchanges in 1989, the exhibition “We are not able to respond to everyone” is held in São Paulo at Sesc Consolação in January 2019. More than 600 items were presented including original interviews of bands worshiped in the underground, innumerable original photographs, catalogs of tape traders, rare posters of seminal shows, among a lot of content leading up in a period between 1985 to 1993, the exhibition was very visited with the show of the cult band of Hardcore Ingles closing “ The Stupids ”.

2019 - "Não Temos Condições de Responder a Todos" SESC Consolação 


2019 - "Não Temos Condições de Responder a Todos" SESC Consolação  (São Paulo/SP - Brasil)  Curated by Alexandre Cruz

2012 - "RE:board" SESC Ribeirão Preto (Ribeirão Preto/SP - Brasil) Curated by Alexandre Cruz

2010 - "Transfer" Pavilhão de Culturas Brasileiras / Ibirapuera - (São Paulo/SP - Brasil

Curated by Lucas Ribeiro , Co-curated by Alexandre Cruz, Fabio Zimbres, Christian Strike

2010 - "RE:board" The A Gallery (Los Angeles/CA - USA) Curated by Alexandre Cruz , Co-curated by Fabio Ahmad

2009 - "RE:board" Matilha Cultural (São Paulo/SP - Brasil) Curated by Alexandre Cruz , Co-curated by Fabio Ahmad

2008 - "Transfer" Santander Cultural - (Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil) Curated by Lucas Ribeiro , Co-curated by Alexandre Cruz, Fabio Zimbres

1992 - "2* Exposição de Cartazes e Filipetas de Bandas Independentes" Cinemateca -Outeiro de Santa Catarina" (Santos/SP- Brasil) Curated by Therapia - Alexandre Cruz , Rubenval Santos 

1992 - "1* Exposição de Cartazes e Filipetas de Bandas Independentes." Teatro Municipal de Santos (Santos/SP- Brasil) Curated by Therapia - Alexandre Cruz , Rubenval Santos